Change Homepage Google

Change Homepage Google

You can Change Homepage Google Chrome by accessing your Chrome settings. In addition to enabling and setting a homepage, you can also change your startup page options, setting Chrome to open a certain page or set of pages whenever you start a new browsing session. Setting your homepage will only take a few clicks. You cannot change the homepage on mobile versions of Chrome (Android, iOS, etc).

Part 1: Setting the “Home” Button Page

  1. Click the Chrome menu button and select “Settings.” This will open a new tab with the Settings menu.

Note: You can’t set a homepage in the mobile versions of Chrome. The mobile versions simply open the last page you were viewing.

  1. Check the “Show Home button” in the “Appearance” section. This will enable the Home button to the left of the Chrome address bar.
  2. Click the “Change” link to set your homepage. This will open a new small window with the current homepage (Google by default).
  3. Enter the address of the page you want to set. Select “Open this page” and then type or paste the address of the website you want to set as your homepage.

You can also choose to open the New Tab page, which contains a Google Search bar and links to your favorite sites.

  1. Save your changes and test it out. Click “OK” to save your changes and then click the Home button. The page you entered in the previous step should load.