Change MSN Home Page

Change MSN Home Page

How Do I Make Msn My Homepage, Yes, you can make MSN your home page as you can make any website as your home page. But it needs to be configured to stay on the home page. Please follow the whole procedure step by step for change MSN Home page.

  1. Open the internet and open MSN site
  2. Click tools
  3. Choose Enter option
  4. Locate general page finds homepage option
  5. Highlight the current home page with your mouse and drag mouse
  6. Tick delete key on your keyboard to get rid of the current page
  7. Type new home page by using the keyboard
  8. Tick ok & save new home page

Click home now sees MSN will be your home page. And your problem will be solved.

If problem not resolved with this Steps Call +1-855-785-2511 Toll-Free for further information and Support

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