How To Change Your Android Browser Homepage

Change Your Android Browser Homepage :

Learn how to set your own homepage on your Android Browser so when you open a new tab, your custom homepage will be shown.

Step 1: Open Android Browser and Select Address Bar

Open your Android browser and touch the address bar on the top. This will let you type in your homepage. If you already have a page open, just delete the current address so you can put in your own.

Enter your Url

Step 2: Type in Your Homepage Address and Press Go

Type in your homepage URL and then hit “Go” on your screen’s keyboard. This should bring you to your homepage.

Type in Homepage

NOTE: If your Homepage Ninja page is set to private, you may have to log in to see your homepage.

Step 3: Select the Options Button On the Upper Right

On the upper right of your Android browser, there is an icon with three dots. Touch that icon to see your options.

Touch Option Button

Step 4: Select “Set as homepage” Option

Once the option menu is opened, select the “Set as homepage” option. This will set your current page to the address that you typed in. Basically, it will set your homepage to the current page being displayed in your browser.

Set as Homepage

Step 5: Homepage is Set

You should see a message that your homepage is set. To test your homepage, you need to close all your browser tabs or open a new tab. Touch the tab icon (next to the options icon with three dots). This will bring you to your browser tabs.

Tab Menu

Step 6: Add a New Tab or Close All Your Tabs

You can either add a new tab or close all your currently opened tabs to confirm that your homepage has been set for your Android browser. Touch the plus icon to add a new tab or the “X” button to close your tabs. The homepage you set in the previous steps should appear.

Add Tab

Step 7: Another Way To Change Your Homepage Using Options Menu

There is another way to change your homepage. You can go to the options menu to change your homepage back to the original settings. Touch the option menu button (the one with the three dots) in the upper right corner of the browser.

Options Menu

NOTE Your homepage is already set, but you can go through the next steps to learn how to set your homepage back to the default value or just to see another way of putting in your homepage address/url.

Step 8: Touch Settings in the Drop Down Menu

Select the “Settings” option in the drop down menu. This will bring up your settings for your Android Browser and give you more customization options.


Step 9: Select the General Settings Section

In the settings, select the “General” settings on the top of the menu. General settings gives you customization on your homepage, toolbar, and form auto fill.

General Settings

Step 10: Set Homepage

In the general settings, can select “Set homepage” to update your homepage address and other options. This is where you can add back the default values if you wanted to.

Set Homepage

Step 11: Set Homepage Options and Select Custom Page

In this menu, you can update your homepage to a blank page, default page, most visited sites, or a custom page. You should have your homepage currently set to use the “Current Page”. This is basically the same as using a “Custom page”. If you select “Custom page”, you will see the web address you used for your “Current Page”.

Set Homepage Options

NOTE: This is where you can set your homepage back to how it was set before you updated it to go to your Homepage Ninja page.

Step 12: Update Your Homepage Address

When you select a custom page, you can enter in your own homepage address/URL. Since we already set our homepage to our Homepage Ninja page, that address is shown. You can change this address to a different homepage if you like. When you are done, click “OK” to save your settings.

Set Your Homepage

Change and Set Dolphin Browser Homepage

How to Set or Change Homepage in Dolphin Browser Running on an Android Phone?

Learn how to set your Dolphin browser’s homepage to display your own page when you open the browser. It is best to set your homepage to a bookmark manager/organizer (such as the one provided by our website) so you have access to all your links from one place.

Step 1: Open the Dolphin Browser and Click on the Dolphin Icon

When you open your Dolphin browser, you will see a dolphin icon on the middle-bottom of your screen. Click on that icon to see the options menu.

Change Homepage Dolphin Browser

Step 2: Select the Settings Icon

After the options menu opens, select the “Settings” icon.

Change Homepage Dolphin Browser

Step 3: Select the Advanced Menu Item On the Top

In the settings screen, you’ll see two options on the top: (1) General and (2) Advanced. Select “Advanced” to get to the advanced options.

Change Homepage Dolphin Browser

Step 4: Select the Set My Homepage Option

Once you are in the Advanced menu, look for the “Set my homepage” option under the “Customize” section. Select this option to set a custom web address and URL.

Change Homepage Dolphin Browser

NOTE If you have an online bookmark manager, use that page as your homepage.

Step 5: Select the Customize Option

When you choose the “Set my homepage” option, a dialogue will come up allowing you to customize your homepage. Select the “Customize” option.

Change Homepage Dolphin Browser

Step 6: Type in Your Homepage for Homepage Ninja

After you select “Customize”, you’ll see a text box come up. Delete the text and put in your homepage. In this example, the person’s username is “Alex”, so their homepage is When you are done, select “Ok” to save your customized homepage settings.

Change Homepage Dolphin Browser

Step 7: Settings Should Be Updated

After you click “Ok”, your customized homepage settings will be saved and you will be taken back to the advanced settings page. You can verify that you typed in the correct web address/URL by looking under the “Set my homepage” section.

Change Homepage Dolphin Browser

Step 8: Close Your Dolphin Browser

If you are happy with your homepage settings, close the dolphin browser. This will allow you to test if the changes you made to your homepage settings are working.

Change Homepage Dolphin Browser

Step 9: Open Your Dolphin Browser To See Your Homepage

After you closed your Dolphin browser, open it up again. When it opens, you should see your homepage as the first page being displayed. Now you are all set to use

Change Homepage Dolphin Browser

How To Change Homepage Comodo Dragon? +

Change Homepage Comodo Dragon

This article will show you how to change your homepage on the Comodo Dragon web browser. It’s very easy and only takes a few steps. The Comodo Dragon browser is based on Google Chrome, so the instructions are almost exactly the same as the Chrome browser.

Step 1: Open Comodo Dragon Browser and Click on The Options Icon

The options icon looks like 3 horizontal lines on top of each other. It is underneath the close browser/window button. Click on the options icon to see an options menu.

Change Homepage Comodo Dragon

Step 2: Select the Settings Option in the Menu

Click on the settings option to go change or update the Comodo Dragon browser settings. This is where you’ll be able to set your homepage for the browser.

Change Homepage Comodo Dragon

Step 3: Click on Set Pages for the On Startup Section

In the settings window, there is a section called “on startup”. Underneath that section, you’ll see a link to set pages. Click on this link.

Change Homepage Comodo Dragon

Step 4: Type in the Homepage URL You Want As Your Startup Page

A window called Startup Pages will appear. It is here that you can specify what website (i.e. homepage) you want Comodo Dragon to open when it is first opened. If you already have pages here, you can leave them or remove them. You’ll want to add a new page, so type in the URL of your homepage.

Change Homepage Comodo Dragon

NOTE If you were already viewing your homepage, you can click on the “Use current pages” to load the URL of the page you were viewing in your browser.

Step 5: After You Type in Your Homepage URL, Click OK To Save Your Settings

Confirm that your homepage website address was typed in correctly. Click on the “OK” button to save the changes you just made.

Change Homepage Comodo Dragon

Step 6: Confirm Your Settings to Open A Specific Home Page And Then Close Your Browser

Double check that you have the on startup settings to open a specific page (i.e. your homepage). Finally, close your browser so you can test that your settings are working.

Change Homepage Comodo Dragon

Step 7: Open Your Comodo Dragon Browser To See Your Homepage

Open Comodo Dragon. You should see your homepage show up. This will be the URL(s) that you typed in in the previous steps.

Change Homepage Comodo Dragon